My Last Purchases from Urban Outfitters Sale!!!

My favorite high street brand is without a question Urban Outfitters. One of the best things of living in London is being able to visit an Urban store any time you want 🙂 Our flat in London  is just 5 minutes walk from the Urban store on Oxford Street, –  this was not a good thing for our financial situation for sure!

Yesterday we stopped by the store to check what was left from the sales and I found these amazing pieces!

Urban Outfitters giyinmekten en zevk aldigim ve kendime en yakin parcalari bulabildigim markalardan biri. Maalesef Turkiye’de henuz acilmadi, uzun sure de acilacagini sanmiyorum. Ama Londra’da yasadigim icin, Urban’a 5 dakika yurume mesafesinde olmanin tadini oldukca cikardim bu sene!

Son bir haftadir Urban’da muthis bir indirim var, ve genelde boyle markalarda pek beden kalmiyor. Yine de dun girip sansimizi denedik ve cok uygun fiyatlar cok seker seyler aldik. Iste en son Urban alisverisim…

Urban Outfitters

Can you believe that the jeans were only 22 and those amazing boots were only 50 pounds:)

Beyaz jean pantolon 22 pound ve botlar 50 pound’du!


2 thoughts on “My Last Purchases from Urban Outfitters Sale!!!

  1. merve says:

    ya bize de bişiler alsana Urban’dan 🙂 hoşgeldin blog party yapalım mı? :))

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