My new crush: Rebecca Minkoff.

Let me introduce you my latest fashion love: Rebecca Minkoff. Thanks to (or should I say because of) one of my loveliest friends Emma, they are now my guilty pleasures. Even though I still don’t own a single piece of the brand, it doesn’t prevent me from opening the website every single day and wondering through the pages. My favorite models are M.A.C. clutch – which is $295 and any color would be fine :), an electric blue Nikki Hobo – which is $495 and a chocolate Boy Toy – which is $525. I think they are worth tracking down, some of my favorite celebrities have already been seen wearing them!

Yeni favorim, Rebecca Minkoff cantalar. Londra’da yakin arkadaslarimdan biri olan Emma’nin bana begendigi bir modeli gostermek uzere website’sini acmasiyla markaya asik oldum. Fiyatlari genellikle $195 – $595 arasi degisen cantalarin neredeyse her rengi mevcut. Model konusunda da sinirlama yok. Puskullu, zimbali, zincirli, buyuk, kucuk… Benim favorilerim kesinlikle M.A.C. Clutch (her renk olabilir hicbir problem yok:)), Nikki Hobo (elektrik mavisi tercihim) ve Boy Toy. Butun cantalari Rebecca Minkoff‘un websitesinde gorebilirsiniz. Bence radariniza alin, gozde unlulerimiz kendilerine coktan birer tane edinmis bile… 

M.A.C. Clutch

                              M.A.C. clutch

M.A.C. clutch worn by Blake Lively

Blake Lively wearing a M.A.C. clutch

Nikki Hobo

Nikki Hobo worn by Leighton Meester and Lauren Conrad

Leighton Meester wearing a Nikki Hobo bag

Lauren Conrad wearing a Nikki Hobo bag

Boy Toy:

Boy Toy

 And some more… 

 All pictures are taken from Rebecca Minkoff official website

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