Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply

Ralph Lauren’s newest label Denim & Supply that will retail between &39.50 and $298. The brand was inspired from vintage pieces and styled of course with an American heritage. Here are my favorite pieces from the new collection and the ad campaign video.

Ralph Lauren’in yepyeni markasi Denim & Supply. Vintage parcalardan esinlenen ve tabii ki Amerikan genclik stili ruhuyla harmanlanan markanin parcalari $39.50 ve $298 arasinda degisecek. Iste benim bu yeni koleksiyondan favori parcalarim ve reklam kampanyasinin video’su.

Cardigan for $298 – buy here.

Hirka $298. Almak icin buraya tiklayin.

Sweater, $298. Buy from here.

Kazak, $298. Almak icin tiklayin.

Jacket for $250, click here.

Mont $250, almak icin tiklayin.

Vest for $98, click here.

Kurklu yelek $98, almak icin tiklayin.

Turtleneck, $98, to buy click here.

Bogazli kazak $98, almak icin tiklayin.

Motorcycle jacket $198, to buy click here.

Ceket $198, almak icin tiklayin.

Cardigan $125, to buy click here.

Yun hirka $125, almak icin tiklayin.

Cut-off denim short $89.50, to buy click here.

Yirtik kot sort $89.50, almak icin tiklayin.

Nylon vest $125, to buy click here.

Yelek $125, almak icin tiklayin.

Messenger bag $125, to buy click here.

Canta $125, almak icin tiklayin.


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