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As much as I am dying to put on my swimming suit in the same melon color and lie on the beach right now, I have to settle down with it only being the color of my pants in my office look. Well, we should all give office looks a chance right? A chance to shine like they are as cool as our brightening summer wear that we put on our tanned skins…

Her ne kadar ayni renkte olan bikinimle suan deniz kenarinda gunesleniyor olmayi dilesem de, bu kavun pantolonun ofis kiyafetime renk katmasiyla yetinmek durumundayim. Yani sonucta hepimiz ofis kiyafetlerimize de arada bir sans vermek zorundayiz degil mi? Sanki onlar da yanik tenlerimizde parlayan yazlik kiyafetlerimiz kadar guzellermis gibi…

Pants / Pantolon: Zara, Cardigan / Hirka: Zara, Bag / Canta: Tara Jarmon.


Freshen up, a new week is about to start. This time bringing an extra Tuesday holiday. Well this one goes for only my Turkish readers though.

Canlanin yeni bir hafta baslamak uzere. Hem de bu sefer bir Sali gunumuzu bize hediye edecek…

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