mellow may

Ok. Hands down – April was a fantastic month besides it’s occasional shower rains. But May is the month with mellow summer warmth in mornings and breezy afternoons. So May beats every other month in terms of good quality weather. Sandals are welcome for the 1st time (for me at least) but also leather jackets are thrown in the backseat of our cars for “in case” situations. Any kind of outfit that won’t make you freeze or sweat is just super comfortable and easy. Like this cool white knitwear and embroided shorts paired with my favorite sandals of the summer brought fresh from NY / gifted by a tasteful lady. I wore this outfit yesterday when our friends came over and one of those friends is always a very delightful photographer 🙂

Kabul, Nisan zaman zaman parcali bulutlu, yer yer yagisli ama yine de harika bir aydi. Ama Mayis yumusak sabahlarin ve bahar ruzgarinin serinlettigi ogleden sonralarin ayi, yani aylarin prensesi. Sandaletler ilk defa giyilebilir (benim icin en azindan) ama deri ceketler de arabamizin arka koltuguna her ihtimale karsi atilir. Iliklerinize kadar usutmeyen, ama beyninizi yakmayan bir havadir Mayis havasi, dolayisiyla her kiyafet rahattir, kolaydir. Dun arkadaslarimiz geldiginde de hava aynen boyleydi, limonata kivami 🙂 ve ben bu mevsimlerin bas taci kumas olan merserize beyaz kazak ve beyaz sortumu bu yazin favori sandaletleriyle giydim. Sandaletler zevkli bir bayanin taze NY hediyesi ve fotograflar her zaman keyifli fotografci arkadasimin eserleri.


The sunnies are Ralph Lauren and Ahmet bought them from New York last month. We have been kind of fighting every morning to decide who will wear them. Ahmet wins most of the times. In the end, he is the huge one.

Gunes gozlukleri Ralph Lauren, Ahmet gecen ay New York’tan getirdi. O gunden beri sabahlari evimizde hep ayni kavga, bugun kim takacak gozlugu. Cogunlukla Ahmet kazandi. E iri yari cocuk tabi.

Wearing Beymen Club SS12 knit (kazak) // Shorts (sort) from Zara // sandals (sandaletler) by Ancient Greek Sandals // necklace (kolye) by Kenneth Jay Lane // sunnies (gunes gozlukleri) Ralph Lauren.


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One thought on “mellow may

  1. emmaairhart says:

    great outfit, i love how casual it is!

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