For as long as I can remember, I’ve been into clothes, places, songs that take you somewhere else, movies that make you forget about the world and food that ultimately make you fat, -very fat! But there’s always a good in everything I discover, as long as it has a style, like a new bakery or a new boutique. Even playing Monopoly with friends is stylish when you have enough Prosecco and chips!

Isn’t it the very little things in life that make us happy every day? Like the warm sun in London (which is stylish because it is extremely rare!!!), a new pair of jeans you buy from sales, going to Pilates and chatting with your instructor while working out, -and having this illusional feeling that you already look thinner…

At the end, everything that has a style is a new adventure. Where you go, what you eat and what you wear is not just things that you do. It’s more like a piece of your lifestyle, a style that defines who you are.

“Stylish insights” is a website that was born from this idea. It is your online destination to share stylish tips of life, places, fashion, design and even sports.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. emmanouela says:

    Style is my Life! (referring to all of the above)
    I will follow this blog for inspiration!
    Waiting for updates! xxx

  2. Berna Tursun says:

    I know her for a long time and she tells the truth. She’s been always stylish. It’s a pleasure to view your blog. Good idea, congratulations!

  3. We love your style, we featured one of your photos on our latest blog post!

    check it out here: http://blog.seamplicity.com/post/14452569296/wardrobe-essentials-the-white-tee


  4. Hannah says:

    Hey, can you tell me which colour or type your equipment shirt is as it is beautiful. Thank you.

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