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Here is the second part of my exhausting trip. Paris is always a pleasure, the city is just like Istanbul – leaves you breathless every time you see it.

Iste tatilimizin 2. kismi – Paris. Paris ayni Istanbul gibi, insani her gordugunde ilk kez gormussunuz gibi buyuluyor. 

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Off to London

I will be in the airport in 2 hours to go to London for 3 days and then to Paris for 2 days. This time for “kind of a” different purpose 🙂 I will be posting while I’m there, since I believe there will be a lot to show you. Anyway, the reason of my leaving is in the last picture:)

2 saat icinde Londra’ya gitmek uzere havaalaninda olacagim. 3 gun Londra, arkasindan 2 gun Paris’te olacagim. Ama bu sefer Londra’ya gidis sebebim biraz farkli 🙂 Tatildeyken de post yapacagim, koyacak birsuru sey olacak eminim 🙂 Gidisimin asil sebebi son resimde belli 🙂

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