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Our wedding has come and passed without even a proper farewell across the city with hideous trappings, flying balloons or fireworks… Well that’s kind of what you are expecting if preparing a wedding requires a handful amount of tasteful family members, – a mother with 4 hands is a must -, plentiful good friends who turn out to be very successful full-time cheer up mechanisms, a small army of professionals from a wedding organization company, tons of advices (none applied though) and finally yourself – the soon bride to be – buried in a sack of pictures for inspiration.

Well, I don’t mean to scare off the new “born to be afraid of commitment” generation but that’s what you should be expecting if you want a well organized, good wedding. You always have the option to pay the money and back off, leave every detail to professionals, but this option was not even an option if the lead character is me – many of my closest friends can confirm that I am a total control freak, with proof. seriously. As much as I have adored every single detail that A46 team has created, I entered the ballroom at least 20 times during the 3 days of decorating process and was dragged out by Ahmet and reminded that I had to let people do their jobs. Blaaah.

I did MY JOB though. I wore a bridal, became a total bridezilla at the last minute, freaked everyone out, had a couple of drinks, said yes, kissed 600 people (makes 1200 cheeks), changed my dress, danced on my heels until 4 a.m, jumped, laughed and DONE! There you have the summary of the short transition from being a bride to becoming just another wife. Not that I’m complaining, but when I think about the days, God they were fun!!! The wedding hassle began 3 days before when our friends began to arrive Istanbul from London, Athens, Paris, Madrid and etc. Our friends and family were absolutely AMAZING at all times, making everything much more easy, calm and enjoyable. Thinking now about back then makes me realize why I love them this much. Seriously, they are the best.

Anyways, since my job as a bride is totally done, here is my job as a blogger. After tons of request, here you have the wedding pictures. This is gonna be quite long so I hope you have time.

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