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I was blinded when I made my routine visit to knightcat today. I mean, isn’t this by far the most beautiful woman that can be dreamed of? And what about those two dresses?

Bugun knightcat‘e rutin ziyaretimi yaptıgımda sanırım kor oldum. Bir kadın daha guzel olamaz. Yok olamaz. Elbiselerin guzelligi de ufak bir dipnotla belirtilmeli tabi.


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Natasha Poly in Gucci Award for Women in Cinema. Perfect hair, perfect bag, perfect gown, perfect woman. I’m in love with her.

Natasha Poly “Gucci Award for Women in Cinema”da. Mukemmel sac, mukemmel canta, mukemmel elbise ve mukemmel kadin. Kendisine asigim. 

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